What we see isn’t always what it is, sometimes we create our own reality. We choose to see only the big picture and look over the importance of the details. But truth and reality can only be found in the details. WP_20140225_07_47_29_Pro


A man looks into the mirror, he sees not himself
but how he is reflected
He sees his wife, discouraged and screaming at the kids
He sees his daughter, disrespectful and out of control
He sees his son, destructive and lashing out
He sees, himself

What I Know…


1. I know if you spend more than you make, you’re broke.
2. I know nobody wants to hear you complain about being broke, because they’re broke too.
3. I know if you don’t get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep, you’ll end up with serious bags and dark circles
under your eyes.
4. I know concealer doesn’t work.
5. I know it takes longer to do nothing now than it used to, cause most times you cant remember what it
was you were not doing in the first place.
6. I know if an old school song comes on that lasts 7 minutes, you’ll only be able to dance for 45.03 seconds.
7. I know the noises you hear late night are just your bones and joints popping and locking.
8. I know what once was important makes no sense at all, and what once made no sense is really important.
9. I know the phrase” Children are a joy” has nothing to do with the one living in my house.
10. I know holidays especially Christmas roll around faster than they use to.
11. I know old folks used to say the stuff I hear myself saying now.
12. I know that high price doesn’t mean comfort.
13. I know most things don’t change you eventually grow out of it.
14. I know eyeglasses and keys are abducted by aliens and returned when we’re not looking.
15. I know that sometimes what you see is really what you get.
16. I know no matter how bad things seem, they could be worse.
17. I know 20/20 is t.v. show and not your eyesight past 30.
18. I know bacon is a drug.
19. I know with age comes wisdom, confidence, and self-control but not all at the same time and
never when you need them.
20. I know getting old is a gift.