Drifting On A Memory….



The Isley Brothers song “For The Love Of You ” is an automatic time machine for me.
The first line in the song is…’drifting on a memory, there’s no place I’d rather be than with you”….
It always transports me to another place and time.

Hypnotized by the sunlight as it glistens on the snow
my mind drifts quickly taking me to a place
I shouldn’t go

A place where the scent of honeysuckle
lingers in the warm summer night
and the room is aglow from a hundred candles light

I can feel your presence, even though you haven’t made a sound
sending shivers up and down my spine, making my heart pound

You say my name and I’m pulled with an invisible rope towards you
catching my breath in anticipation
for what we’re about to do

A melted icicle hits the house bringing me back to now,breaking the spell
as I watch my husband throw a snowball and I hear my son yell



raining through the streets of my mind, a heavy downpour
uprooting, changing everything
pushing the debris of good sense past the empty alley of my worn subconscious
washing away the avenues of innocence
obstructing with fear the route I want to take
making me pull over and watch logic and reason pile up and get swept away
the rain continues to fall

Loud Thoughts


On the winds of the morning, my heart cries
my spirit is restless, my soul is tired
If I were but an eagle souring high and proud
unable to hear my thoughts so loud…

The rain, my tears would hide
while fear of nothing fought with fear of everything so deep inside
Wild and free I would fly
acknowledging nothing and everything as I flew by

No restraints, no confines, none of the things that have me bound
For I would be free…free

But, that is not the case
the truth mocks me to my face
I am a canary in a gilded cage
embittered by circumstances, slowed down with age

Outwardly chirping and singing and oh, so spry
but inside I’m enraged, wishing I could fly

If I were but an eagle,
I would soar so high
I would soar so proud
to keep my thoughts from being so loud