What I Know…


1. I know if you spend more than you make, you’re broke.
2. I know nobody wants to hear you complain about being broke, because they’re broke too.
3. I know if you don’t get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep, you’ll end up with serious bags and dark circles
under your eyes.
4. I know concealer doesn’t work.
5. I know it takes longer to do nothing now than it used to, cause most times you cant remember what it
was you were not doing in the first place.
6. I know if an old school song comes on that lasts 7 minutes, you’ll only be able to dance for 45.03 seconds.
7. I know the noises you hear late night are just your bones and joints popping and locking.
8. I know what once was important makes no sense at all, and what once made no sense is really important.
9. I know the phrase” Children are a joy” has nothing to do with the one living in my house.
10. I know holidays especially Christmas roll around faster than they use to.
11. I know old folks used to say the stuff I hear myself saying now.
12. I know that high price doesn’t mean comfort.
13. I know most things don’t change you eventually grow out of it.
14. I know eyeglasses and keys are abducted by aliens and returned when we’re not looking.
15. I know that sometimes what you see is really what you get.
16. I know no matter how bad things seem, they could be worse.
17. I know 20/20 is t.v. show and not your eyesight past 30.
18. I know bacon is a drug.
19. I know with age comes wisdom, confidence, and self-control but not all at the same time and
never when you need them.
20. I know getting old is a gift.


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